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Debra Stevens LL.B (Hons) ; LL.M

About How2divorce

For many families, the huge and increasing cost of divorce turns an already difficult and emotional situation into a desperate one. Now that the Government has ended Legal Aid for divorce, separation and children's matters we urgently need a new approach to delivering professional legal services to help couples when marriage and relationships end.

Leading family lawyer, Debra Stevens, believes that How2divorce is the answer. If you want to divorce and separate safely and legally without the vast expense of hiring a lawyer, then How2divorce is for you.

Debra Stevens, LL.B (Hons), LL.M, Specialist Family Law Solicitor
Debra has over 18 years' experience as a solicitor and mediator and is an expert in family law and family mediation. Having achieved the highest level of accreditation within her profession, she also conducts academic research into legal services and dispute resolution. Having helped thousands of couples through separation and divorce, Debra has created her innovative new How2divorce concept and the How2divorce 3-Step Plan.

What will How2divorce do for me?

  • All the information you need

  • No legal jargon – just clear, everyday English

  • Your own personalised action plan

  • Expert legal support – without the expense!

  • Less worry and stress

  • The best outcome for the whole family

This complete, 'supported self-help' approach gives divorcing couples a simpler, clearer and inexpensive route through the divorce process. As well as all the legal issues, How2divorce also identifies and solves the worrying non-legal problems that arise during separation and divorce such as health, emotions, debt, housing, work and welfare benefits.

How do I get started?
Booking on to a How2divorce seminar is the first stage of your successful divorce journey. You’ll discover that instead of being a frightening minefield, the journey ahead is clearly mapped out in our How2divorce 3-Step Plan, with workbooks, videos and online resources as well as direct guidance from Debra and her team to keep you on track. All our online materials can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet.

Please note that the How2divorce 3-Step Plan is education-based and none of the content of the handbook or corresponding website constitutes legal advice.

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